Receiving Bitcoin

It is as easy and convenient with XBit Asia to receive bitcoin as it is to send bitcoin.

You can receive Bitcoin by providing the sender with the following

  • Bitcoin Wallet Address
  • QR Code


 Finding your wallet address or QR code

Toggle the menu and click on Receive. You should see a Bitcoin wallet address, which you can click on to see the QR code.

You can also give the address a description (like "Savings") or generate more addresses here.

 Bitcoin wallet address

This unique code is similar to a bank account number and is the most widely used method of sending Bitcoin. Sharing your Wallet Address publicly or with third parties does not pose a risk that your Bitcoin can be taken from you. It only allows people to send Bitcoin to you. Senders simply enter this code into their Bitcoin Wallet to initiate a send transaction to your Wallet.

QR code

The QR (or Quick Response) Code is used mainly when transacting with Bitcoin away from your computer, using a mobile device. Most mobile Bitcoin wallet applications support a scan feature which lets senders scan QR Codes when sending Bitcoin to recipients. Much like the Wallet Address above, this image can also be copied, pasted, and sent freely without risk.


For more information about sending Bitcoin, click here.

Please note: Whenever Bitcoin arrives in your wallet, XBit Asia will send you an email notification. You should, however, always log into your account to see your available account balance.  

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